Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Cliff Kincaid blames "a lesbian" for Carlson's second failed show

Media Matters article - Accuracy in Media's editor Cliff Kincaid blamed Tucker Carlson's second failed show, which just moved from primetime to an 11pm slot against shows like The Daily Show with Jon Stewart because of terrible numbers, on the format "dictated by Media Matters". The problem with the show isn't that Media Matters wrote a letter suggesting that it not have such a heavy conservative slant (which it still maintains), but that the format and the host are really not what people want to see. The lesbian is Rachel Maddow, an Air America Radio host. It's sad that Kincaid had to attack someone based on how she appeared and her sexual orientation, instead of the man whose shows are constantly belittled because of how ridiculous they are.


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