Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Associated Press continues to propagate lie

MSNBC.com post of AP story - The Associated Press continues to propagate a lie trumped by the White House repeatedly of the damage done by Newsweek. The lie, about halfway through the story, "Washington’s defense of its detention and interrogation practices comes after weeks of international criticism and violent protests by Muslims outraged at reports — which the Pentagon says are false — that an interrogator at Guantanamo had flushed pages of the Quran down a toilet." In fact, there is contradictory evidence of violent protests sparked by Newsweek's article, since retracted because its source could not confirm from which document the information came. The Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman and other top US Military Officials have said the violent protests were more attributed to Afghanistan's leaders and their reconcilliatory attempts. The Associated Press continues to promote the White House's blame on the press. What's more, the Pentagon has stated that the flushing of the Koran is false, only after Newsweek's story ran, and did not speak up when other news sources reported such a story in the past.


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