Friday, March 24, 2006

Facts and Truth = "Liberal"?

Since when did reporting on the facts and relaying the truth based on facts become "liberal"? This is mostly in connection with the incessant complaints many right-wing and conservative speakers, newspersons and bloggers have that people like Dan Froomkin and Helen Thomas are liberals simply because they ask harder questions that the American people are wondering or try to hold accountable the administration? Is it because the administration is Republican, and anyone who questions it is therefore a liberal or Democrat? Is it because hard questions or accountability may only be waged against Democrats or liberals? Or is there just a hypocricy out there that the truth, if it goes against Republicans, conservatives or neocons, is therefore liberal in nature? That the world is entirely black and white and nothing else can exist? Well, bring on the liberalism, because I enjoy honesty far more than horse manure any day of the week. Even if it's something I may not want to hear.

Returning to posting infrequently

I only have four classes this semester (though I am a staff reporter for the school paper), so I should start having more time in the next few months to post again. Sorry for the delay!