Monday, June 20, 2005

CNN president wants to take new approach to stories

Newsweek Article - After feeling that the Michael Jackson verdict playing live on television would be stale, CNN president Jonathan Klein said he regretted the "endless parade" of Jackson stories and coverage in primetime on the cable news network, which has slipped in ratings behind FoxNews Channel. Klein has killed shows like "Crossfire" (whose Tucker Carlson has been moved to MSNBC and has an equally horrid show there) and "Inside Politics". He hopes to make primetime hours more like "60 Minutes" rather than short sensational reports about celebrity trials.

Gay teen sent to brainwashing camp Coverage - "Zach", a sixteen-year-old young man, came out to his parents. Their response? They send him to Love in Action, a Tennessee cult-like "Christian" camp promising to make straight gay teens. For an estimated cost of $2,000 for two weeks, or $4,000 for six weeks, LIA claims they can reprogram the dysfunction of homosexuality in teens. Zach has posted a blog of his ordeal before being sent to the camp at which has a last post on June 3, 2005.