Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Was Newsweek Wrong? Seems unlikely

The Raw Story Article - The White House wants Newsweek to do more than simply retract their article. But was Newsweek wrong? According to The Raw Story, the tossing of a Koran into a pile and being stepped on prompted the March 2002 hunger strike of the prisoners at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, with link to the New York Times article about the inquiry here. More confirmations at The Guardian and The Daily Guardian. The Washington Post in 2003 reported on the flushing of a Koran in this article. The Center for Constitution Rights has a deposition of a former Guantanamo Bay prisoner describing the horrible treatment of their faith here. The Raw Story's dedication to finding these and presenting them is great, and should be brought up with Scott McClellan about why Newsweek is wrong, yet none of these other publications and statements are?


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