Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Washington Times misrepresents motive of Democrats Piece - The Washington Times has an article that promotes Texas Supreme Court Justice Priscella Owen to near saint-hood. They also mention, "Democrats' primary line against Justice Owen has been several cases in which she argued that the teenagers involved were not mature enough to bypass a Texas law requiring them to notify a parent before having an abortion." Also, "Yet polls show overwhelming support for laws requiring minors to get permission from a parent before getting an abortion. That support is even higher for laws that only require notification." First, Bush has said that polls should not influence his decisions, so this is meaningless. Secondly, Owen's dissent on this case was criticized by then-colleague, now-Attorney-General Alberto Gonzales. Democrats' opposition to her is what the Republicans have been shouting we don't need on the bench: an activist judge legislating from the bench.


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