Sunday, May 22, 2005

U.S. Soldier told detainee to dig his own grave

ACLU Article - Department of Defense documents reveal that rampant abuse still happens in Afghanistan, Iraq and Cuba. One act, in July 2003 at Rifles Base in Ramadi, an Army captain took an Iraqi welder into the desert, ordered him to dig his own grave, threatened to kill him and staged a shooting of the man. More reports of abuse include holding a pistol to a fireman's head who did not resist a soldier, a soldier at an internment facility in Iraq wrongfully displayed the Star of David, soldiers had a military dog pick up a detainee's Koran in its mouth, and, according to the ACLU, hundreds more. We should be handing out hidden cameras to Red Cross workers, as it seems the only time thorough investigations and discharges or jail time happen is when someone publishes pictures of abuse. It won't stop until someone high in the chain of command orders it to stop.


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